Everything we do at FareShare Greater Manchester centres around food. It is something that brings people together. Food provision fights hunger and poverty. It can help tackle social isolation and our food can create some fantastic stories, which we want to celebrate!

Take a look at our food stories to find out more about the FareShare Greater Manchester community, made up of volunteers, supporters and charity members. Here you’ll find stories from lockdown, food donations and education. You can also read about how food can be a powerful tool in helping people connect and learn from each other.

By understanding the stories behind the food, we can work together to fight hunger, poverty and social exclusion. We aim to support those most in need and make food donations accessible to everyone. FareShare Greater Manchester works hard to connect food donors and food banks, helping those in need access free food with no strings attached.

We value the stories behind the food and want to amplify them so that even more people can be connected and benefit from food donations – join us in celebrating our stories behind the food!

If you’d like to give food or support FareShare Greater Manchester, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you and continuing our mission of fighting food poverty across the region. Thank you for supporting FareShare Greater Manchester – together, we will continue to fight food poverty across our region.

See how we can work together to fight hunger, poverty and social exclusion. With FareShare Greater Manchester as your food partner, food donations have never been easier. Let’s make food accessible to everyone in need. Check out our featured stories below to learn more and get involved! Together, we can make food available to everyone. Thank you for your support!

The food waste hierarchy calls for food to feed people first

Food companies are legally obliged to use food to feed people before sending to anaerobic digestion or for animal feed. We help them use their surplus to feed people first.