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Stories from Lockdown: Lighthouse Pantry

The Lighthouse Pantry, located in Middleton, Rochdale, is a membership-based food club that aims to help families reduce their weekly food costs, especially during challenging times. Since its establishment in March 2019, the Pantry has been providing essential support to the local community. However, with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for food distribution has significantly increased.

About Lighthouse Pantry

During lockdown, the Lighthouse Pantry faced a significant challenge like finding new charity volunteers in Manchester. This was because most of their existing team had to go into self-isolation. Fortunately, several regular visitors and pantry members stepped up to fill the void. Angela and Alwayne, as shown in the picture above with Pantry Manager Carl Roach, were among them.

The Lighthouse Pantry’s second big challenge was was securing enough food to serve the growing number of families requiring help. Thanks to FareShare GM’s assistance, they secured an extra food delivery. This allowed them to open for an additional day and increase the number of members they could support. From April to August, the Pantry utilized over 9 tonnes of food. They recorded 1,140 attendances during 63 Pantry sessions. Additionally, they provided assistance to 115 different families with their weekly food shopping needs.

With the support of FareShare GM, we were able to secure an additional delivery of food to the Pantry, which then meant we could open for an additional day and also increase the number of members that we could support. Because of this our project has grown – between April and August we used over 9 tonnes of food, recorded 1,140 attendances during 63 Pantry sessions, and we have supported 115 different families with their weekly food shopping needs.

“It is clear to see, in these challenging times, the significance of the FareShare food supplies and the positive impact that the Pantry model has had in helping families to reduce their weekly food costs, keeping them afloat in these times when monies are tight.


Carl Roach, Pantry Project Manager at Lighthouse Pantry

The impact of FareShare food distribution and the Lighthouse Pantry model in helping families reduce their weekly food costs cannot be overstated, especially during these challenging times when finances are tight. The project has grown significantly, and the Pantry’s efforts continue to be appreciated by the community.

Overall, the Lighthouse Pantry and FareShare food distribution have been instrumental in supporting the community during these difficult times, and their efforts are commendable. You can find out more about the Lighthouse Pantry and how to support their cause by visiting their website at Lighthouse Pantry.

food distribution - Lighthouse Pantry

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