FareShare GM is at the forefront of food redistribution in Manchester, leading the fight against food poverty, minimising food waste. Our passionate commitment is making a profound impact on our community. We invite you to become a vital part of our mission! Whether you choose to volunteer your time, contribute donations or encourage local businesses to donate surplus food, every action counts. To support our cause further, consider exploring our charity donations Manchester page.

At FareShare GM, our commitment to fighting hunger and food waste extends beyond mere words. We are proud to be Manchester’s #1 food redistribution charity, leading the charge in saving good food from waste and ensuring it reaches those who need it most. Through our extensive network and dedicated volunteers, we redistribute hundreds of tonnes of surplus food from the food industry across Greater Manchester.

Join us in combating food poverty and waste in Manchester. As a dedicated Manchester charity, we are leading the charge in saving good food from waste and ensuring it reaches those who need it most. Your support, whether through volunteering your time, making donations or encouraging local businesses to contribute surplus food, is vital in shaping a city where everyone has access to nutritious, quality food. Together, let’s make a difference today.


Manchester's #1 Food Redistribution Charity

FareShare Greater Manchester volunteers
Volunteer hours given April 2023 - March 2024
food redistributed Manchester
Tonnes of food redistributed in April 2023 - March 2024
FareShare Greater Manchester boasts hundreds of Community Food Members they've supported in 2020
Community Food Members supported in April 2023 - March 2024
food delivered
4.6 million
Meals provided in April 2023 - March 2024

How we fight hunger and food waste

saving good food from waste
We save good food from going to waste…
Hundreds of tonnes from the food industry.
food redistribution Greater Manchester
redistribute it around Greater Manchester…
From Wigan to Stockport.
charities, schools & community groups
to charities, schools and community groups…
over 200 of them including children’s clubs, homeless hostels and refuges.
meals for vulnerable people
…who turn it into meals for vulnerable people
Last year we redistributed enough food for over 3,000,000 meals.

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Latest news from Greater Manchester

food waste

270,000 tonnes of perfectly edible food gets wasted by the food industry each year.

That’s enough for nearly 650,000,000 meals