Two warehouse staff members stand outside their new premises

Surplus Food With a Smile

In 2020, we established our FareShare Plus model. For the past 3 years, we have distributed ‘surplus surplus’ food from our main depot, Maynard House, via a small warehouse just across the road. The aim of this model is to significantly reduce the amount of food that we waste as part of our operation, and importantly, it helps us to get more food to those that need it most.

The model works using a booking system that allows two charities to visit the warehouse every thirty minutes. Once on site, charity members are able to browse the warehouse and can choose from the range of surplus food available. Items are charged by weight and we offer deals such as ‘buy-1-get-1-free’ to ensure waste is minimised.

The model has allowed us to build closer relationships with the charities that we work with, as they visit us face-to-face frequently (e.g. weekly or fortnightly). It has also helped us to further understand the needs of the charities, and how we can work together to address these needs.

Since its opening, the team have distributed 1600 tonnes of food, the equivalent of 3.81 million meals, to 135 frontline charities and community groups.

Now, FareShare Plus have moved into their new premises, slightly closer to our main depot, into F Block on New Smithfield Market. The new warehouse has extra storage space for increased freezer capacity, which will allow us to serve even more local charities.

Karina Tiplady, FareShare Plus Warehouse Coordinator, describes the model as ‘surplus surplus with a smile’ and says she loves meeting the charities when they visit to collect their food.

I’ve been working with FareShare since 2020, initially through Covid, where we had the food delivered to us on behalf of various different Charities I’ve supported and the door to door service was exceptional.  For the last two years it’s more convenient for me to collect the food from FareShare Plus and again everyone I’ve been involved with has provided an outstanding service and they always go the extra mile to meet my requirements.  It’s a tall order to be able to get all the ingredients to make healthy nutritional meals and every week I’m amazed that I’m able to achieve that, only possible with the wonderful staff who take so much interest in the work I do and make it possible.
It makes such a huge difference to so many to receive, perhaps, their only hot meal of the day, and it’s only possible due to the wonderful work of FareShare and their amazing staff. – FareShare Plus charity partner, Kala from Tameside Meals Project


   Two warehouse staff members stand outside their new premises where they serve surplus food to local charities

food poverty

Over 600,000 people in Greater Manchester live in households that are struggling to get by.

That includes 180,000 children and young people.