Pantries and Food Clubs: Reducing Food Insecurity Locally

Locally-run pantries and food clubs are membership schemes open to all different kinds of people. They’re particularly useful for those who are struggling to get by, including people in work on low incomes.

In 2013-14, FareShare Greater Manchester spoke with Stockport Homes. Stockport Homes sought to develop food pantry projects in areas of Stockport experiencing high levels of poverty. Moreover, FareShare GM decided to pioneer a new approach to supplying community food projects, adapting working methods to ensure pantry members could have access to a wider variety of foods than available in traditional long-life food parcels.

Importantly, members benefit from a choice of foods on a weekly basis, alongside:

  • added-value information;
  • advice and support, and;
  • the chance to get involved.

Pantries are becoming very popular across the region and nationally, and have many impacts, as explored in this interesting assessment from Church Action on Poverty.

Over 600,000 people in Greater Manchester live in households that are struggling to get by.

That includes 180,000 children and young people.