View of interior of new large freezer.

New freezer boosts capacity at Maynard House

Thanks to a generous donation from Sainsbury’s we have a brand new freezer at the FareShare Greater Manchester HQ which significantly increased storage capacity. The new appliance at Maynard House gives us an additional 50 pallet spaces to store frozen food and means we are able to further support charities across our region.

Since frozen stock has a longer life than many other types of food, this additional freezer space really helps us manage the peaks and troughs often experienced in food supplies and will be invaluable in our work going forwards. Not only does it help with storage of pre-frozen items, it also allows us to extend the life of short-dated food too.

Our sincere thanks to Sainsbury’s for this generous support and to Cold Touch UK who fitted the freezer for us. This new freezer capacity is a game-changer for us. The increased storage capacity has enabled FareShare Greater Manchester to expand our impact and support more people in need. Additionally, the ability to store more frozen food allows us to diversify the types of meals we can offer, providing greater variety and nutritional value to those we support.

We continue to seek partnerships with local businesses and food companies to sustain our mission. By donating surplus food, companies can play a crucial role in addressing food insecurity in Greater Manchester. Could your food company donate surplus food to help those in need? If so, we’d love to hear from you.

food poverty

Over 600,000 people in Greater Manchester live in households that are struggling to get by.

That includes 180,000 children and young people.